…because when you do, they become cardboard cut-outs.

person sitting at laptop with hands on keyboard and a cup of coffee (found at depositphotos)
person sitting at laptop with hands on keyboard and a cup of coffee (found at depositphotos)
person sitting at laptop with hands on keyboard and a cup of coffee (depositphotos)

There’s a scene where the couple are getting ready for bed and he (Steve Carell’s character) asks for sex and she’s like ‘do I look ready for sex?’ (I may be misremembering this scene. I recall Tina Fey’s character wearing sweats and a mouth guard.) I mean, she’s willing to take a moment and get ready for sex, but then he’s turned off when she removes her mouth guard.

(Okay, so I googled the trailer. Here’s a link if you don’t remember.)

Official Trailer for the movie Date Night starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey via YouTube.

Give your characters…

lit candle with bdsm accroutements
lit candle with bdsm accroutements
roses, lit candle, leather bdsm cuffs — bigstock

We’re all looking for ways to improve our writing, or… at least I hope so. Why write if you’re not going to improve yourself?

On Twitter, some authors of BDSM and Kinky erotica asked other authors of the same genre details on kinks and fetishes they mention. Sometimes they’ll even question the validity of a kink or fetish… because if they’ve never heard of it, then it must not exist. If you do your research, there are things you’ll learn that will make your mind explode and you’ll be able to use that to create better, realistic, fiction.

Here are…

I’m so tired of fighting and yet, here we are, still fighting. Fighting for the rights of our bodies. Fighting for the right to proper sex education. Fighting for the right to create art as we see fit.

A high percentage of people disparage those who write erotica or create porn and yet… there is also a high percentage of people reading erotica or watching porn.

It seems we are still fighting a battle about writing erotica for money. I don’t understand why we have to keep fighting for anything. …

This is a work of erotic fiction. All characters and places depicted are from the author’s imagination. This story is a Prequel to Threeway by the Highway.

Genre: Erotica/male/male/male, caught, some fear, threats, but no violence

Close-up of a motorcycle and saddlebag — Rough Riders

I grabbed Mick by his ridiculously thick, long blonde hair and face-fucked him. He had the hair women paid hundreds of dollars a year to get. It wasn’t just blonde. It was that perfect shade with the perfect lights and darks that complimented his deep tan. Only, I knew just how his ass glowed at night when the light of the moon hit it…

Because social media can screw with your mental health.

Blocking people on social media who trigger anxiety is self-care.

two people lying on a hammock together
two people lying on a hammock together
two people lying together in a hammock — unsplash — 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

With everything happening in the world and many of us being stuck home, social media has been our window to the world. And winter is coming. If you live in a snow-riddled state like me, and dislike cold, you’ll probably be going deeper into cabin fever than ever before. Unfortunately, social media is here to… save us? Not always. Sometimes it can make things even harder if we don’t take time to curate our feeds.

My Safe Space is Twitter, and that is the platform I’ll be focusing on. However, these tips can also apply to Facebook and Instagram. These…

The short answer? Sometimes.

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

Being single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. I choose to be alone more often than not. If I didn’t have to go into the office every day, you better believe I’d be working from home or a café.

I don’t enjoy what most others enjoy. I will be 43 soon and I still enjoy playing video games. I absolutely love binging one show after another. I enjoy watching movies. And I prefer doing it alone.

Oh, wait… maybe I am like everyone else, but I enjoy doing those things alone — and guess what? …

A letter to the so-called hacker in my work email…

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

[This is all in humor about those “Hi, Stranger” emails we get at work occasionally. Okay, often enough that I had to write a humorous story about it. Please don’t hack me, mmkay?]

First, you didn’t email me from my account. I’m smart enough to know better. Nice try, though.

Second, you didn’t get any naughty video of me because my work computer doesn’t have a camera. Also, I don’t access porn on my work computer. [They block that here. *coughs*]

If you had sent your blackmail email to my…

It’s not as difficult as you’re making it.

Disclaimer: I’m not a sex-ed teacher, nor do I play one on tv. Since I’m open about writing smut, people ask me all kinds of random questions that I’m not qualified to answer.

Upset trans man taking off wig, suffering depression loneliness, low self-esteem — Photo by motortion
Upset trans man taking off wig, suffering depression loneliness, low self-esteem — Photo by motortion
photo by motortion at depositphotos

I do my best to answer these questions or try to point them towards resources that have a better insight than I can provide. The amount of anger and frustration regarding gender identity that I’ve witnessed is borderline insane. Also, if you google something like this, don’t open a resource link from anything older than a year.

When someone asks the same question over and over, you…

Please turn yours on if you share adult-oriented images and GIFs.

The other day on twitter a beloved bestie shared a tweet with me. A person wanted to support and follow erotica authors but because erotica authors tweet and retweet a lot of adult-related GIFs {IE: PORN} and they couldn’t have that in their feed, it was difficult to follow and support.

I wanted to respond to the person tweeting. Instead, I’m writing this post. Why? Well, I may receive backlash for my unpopular opinion.

I want people to use the Sensitivity Option on Twitter. I think it’ll save adult-content creators from being ousted.

depositphotos: lenanet

I understand this person’s frustration. Many of…

We need to have a talk…

deposit photos/by: lightsource

According to my preferred fitness device Calendar, you’re supposed to start tomorrow. And yet, here you are, rearing your ugly mess a day early. I suppose that’s better than being four days early, which you do often enough that I expect you then.

And then the times you’re four days late… most ladies would freak a little at that but I don’t. Unless it's immaculate conception, I know I’m not pregnant. I hope it’s a sign of menopause.

But then there you are, sometimes starting in the middle of the night, forcing me to fly out of bed and to…

Mischa Eliot

Author of Erotic and Romantic stories with sex-positive scenes featuring enthusiastic consent. She/Her. Ally. Hangs out on Twitter too much. @Mischa_Eliot

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